Influenster — Lifeway Kefir

I wasn’t expecting this shake to be what it all was up for? But it took me by surprise. This shake has such a smooth taste and an amazing flavor. I used it after I worked out to Taebo & usually I have fruit afterwards, to re-boost my body but instead I tried the Lifeway Kefir Shake and it re-boosted my body fast. It didn’t feel heavy, when I drank it. It was light. Well worth trying it again. Plus adding it to my regime of workouts. Give it a try, yourself!

BroadWay Nails IMPress Review

Woaah. I’ve tried, pressed on nails previously, but this is over the top, amazing. They come in various, styles, and colors! Which I love. Plus there in the right price range, for me. Which is always nice! Saves me time - to not go to the salon, then wait in line, and etc..

I’m sure you, who reads this, should try them. They are worth every penny! Plus there easy to remove, just apply nail polish remover, and BAM there off!

Simple and easy!

Go try them!

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